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In The Shadow of Humanity: A Complex Saga of Love and Betrayal

Unveil the Hidden World of Permutants in this heart-pounding dystopian romance novel. Kate, an ordinary woman with an extraordinary destiny, is about to discover the truth she never knew existed. Kate’s life is bewildering when she crosses paths with Aaron, her fated mate of the ages. Their passionate connection blooms amidst the chaos of rescuing a mother and child from the clutches of a ruthless kidnapper. But Aaron has a shocking revelation for Kate—she’s not entirely human. The world she knows crumbles as she grapples with her true identity as a Permutant, an alien race living disguised among humanity.

Swept into Shadows: A Classic Dystopian Romance Book

Just as Kate begins to embrace her newfound identity, tragedy strikes. She is abducted by the Transmutants, sworn enemies of her people. In captivity, Kate learns of her role as a high priestess and the extraordinary powers that are her birthright. Her survival hinges on mastering these abilities, a daunting task she cannot face alone. Fortunately, mates can mind-speak, allowing Aaron to guide her through this difficult journey. Together, they must conquer trials that push their love to its limits. Kate and Aaron’s love story is epic, set against the backdrop of an age-old conflict between the noble Permutants and the ruthless Transmutants, who advocate unspeakable horrors against humanity. All they yearn for is the freedom to cherish their love, but this freedom comes at a steep price—one that tests their determination and devotion. “In The Shadow of Humanity” is a thrilling dystopian romance book that blends elements of intrigue, suspense, and love. Carolyn Crean skillfully blends engaging plot twists with moments of humor and unexpected surprises. Readers will be captivated by the struggles, sacrifices, and unwavering love of Kate and Aaron as they navigate a world where their destiny is entwined with the fate of two races on the brink of a catastrophic clash.

In the Shadow of Humanity

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