Author Carolyn Crean

Dive Deep into the Epic Tale of Fated Mates in This Classic Love Story

Unveil a world hidden in plain sight, where fated mates are destined across the cosmos, and love transcends the boundaries of humanity. “In The Shadow Of Humanity,” a gripping paranormal romance by Carolyn Crean, invites you to embark on an otherworldly journey where love, destiny, and the battle between good and evil converge.

The story follows the account of an ordinary human, Kate, who lives an unassuming life until she crosses paths with Aaron, her fated mate of the eternities. Raised by humans, she is unaware of her true identity as a Permutant, an alien race that has covertly coexisted with humanity for centuries. As Kate and Aaron rescue an innocent child and his mother from the clutches of an abusive kidnapper, their destiny unfolds. Aaron must convince Kate of her extraterrestrial lineage, shattering her perception of reality.

Paranormal Romance That Transcends The Boundaries Across Worlds

Paranormal romance blends enchanting tales of love between mortals and supernatural beings, adding an electrifying twist to traditional romances. Fated mates, a captivating theme, promises destined unions where love triumphs over fate’s hurdles. These themes invite readers into worlds where extraordinary love stories unfurl, transcending the ordinary.

In this remarkable paranormal romance love story, Kate embraces her Permutant heritage, and she is abruptly abducted by the Transmutants, a faction of her own kind with sinister intentions to enslave humanity. In captivity, Kate discovers her role as a high priestess and the power concealed within her mother’s mystical stone. With the ability to mind-speak, Aaron aids Kate from afar, but infiltrating the heavily guarded Transmute caverns becomes a life-threatening mission. Can their love withstand the perilous challenges and secrets that threaten to tear them apart?

Alien Romance Unraveled: The Epic Battle for Love and Freedom

Journey through the captivating realms of alien romance, where the fated mates concept takes on an intergalactic twist. Here, cosmic forces unite star-crossed lovers, forging bonds stronger than galaxies in their quest for love and freedom. Kate’s newfound powers become a beacon of hope in the face of the nefarious Arganon, who lusts for control over her abilities. A complex alien romance story unfolds, entwining intrigue, humor, epic battles, unexpected losses, and an enduring love. Together, Kate and Aaron must overcome trials that test the strength of their bond as they yearn for the freedom to love each other, no matter the cost.

Carolyn Crean’s “In The Shadow Of Humanity” presents a tale of cosmic proportions, where fated mates, paranormal romance, and the interplay of alien and human destinies create a narrative that will capture your heart and imagination. Dive into a world where love conquers all, even in the shadow of humanity.